Student Council Elections


The Importance of Elections

When running elections there are four groups that you are influencing: Those that have had the positions for a year. Those running in the elections. The student body. The Staff.


The first group is using a years worth of experience (and the previous years files) to run the elections and in many ways they are passing on some of these skills as they put the new group through the elections. The new group is watching the first very closely to see how it is done and they are picking up a lot of tips on how to run a major event.


Election Procedures (Sample)

Feb. 24 - Co-pres. nominations open

Mar. 5 - Co-pres. nominations close

Mar. 6 - Co-pres. screening committee meets

- Student reps, Administration, screen for basic qualities

Mar. 7 - Co-pres. information meeting. Guidelines for campaigns

Mar. 24 - Student Exec. job descriptions posted

Mar. 25 - Student Exec. nominations open

Mar. 26 - Co-pres. Assembly (Sr. and Jr.)

- Each candidate speaks for 5 minutes

- 20 minutes of public questions

Mar. 27 - Co-pres. elections

Apr. 2 - Student exec. nominations close

Apr. 3 - Student exec. screening com. meets

Apr. 4 - All candidates meeting to review job descriptions

- Review campaign rules

Apr. 14 - Exec. speeches over the P.A.

Apr. 15 - Elections

Apr. 16 - First official meeting of new council




More About Elections

1. A note to the homeroom teachers asking for their help. I.e. stress the importance of democratic elections, talk about responsibility to vote, discuss issues, ask students to listen to speeches and campaign promises, invite a candidate into you homeroom.

2. Post Job Descriptions for all positions.

3. Have an all candidates meeting to discuss election procedures and answer questions.

4. Have written regulations regarding campaign procedures.

5. Have the new co-presidents actively involved in the election of the new executive. This helps foster their position as leaders.

6. Introduce all new leaders, officially, to the school administration.

7. You must personally congratulate winners and thank the losers.

8. Start working with the new co-presidents immediately to set the agenda for the first executive meeting.



What To Do Immediately After You Have New Leaders

1. Have the new co-presidents call the first meeting and hand out the agenda.

2. Set dates for key planning meeting. I.e. calendar, budget.

3. Schedule interviews between present and past leaders in all positions.

4. Give all leaders a mail slot if you have a location of your own.

5. For the new year it may help to have student leaders have their lockers side by side near a room you frequent. Contact your administration now.

6. You may want to have the new and old executive meet together a few times to carry out some practical business.

7. Give each leader a daily planner and insist they use it. This may be the greatest piece of leadership advice you can give them.

8. You may want to give them a major project to work on between the elections and June. In our case the new executive is responsible for running the grade eight orientation in May.


Something To Do During The Summer

Summer is meant to be vacation and except for one event we honour this.

The one exception is the Executive Bar-B-Q at my place during the last week of August. Students always enjoy going to your home. After the Bar-B-Q we have our first official meeting of the new year. An agenda is sent out prior to the meeting with all the topics and who is responsible for speaking to them. This is a key meeting as our first week back is a busy and important one.

Murray Baker
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Workshop Seminar

Time of Year - 1st weekend in June
Planning Time - 2 weeks
Planning Committee - Advisor and 3 staff members
Length of Activity - Friday night until Sunday noon
Who Takes Part? - The new executive of the S.R.C.
Description of Activity - Leadership

- Mock meeting with parliamentary procedures

- Break into various committees to plan year's activities

- Regroup together to assess and eliminate any conflicting dates

- Make up a large calendar for the year with all activities listed to be pasted in school

Publicity - Local paper
Facilities - Usually use "Imperial 400" in Saskatoon
Approximate Cost - $300-$400
Funding - S.R.C., Staff fund, Credit Union
Other Comments - Have found this to be very useful in that we are ready in the first day of school various activities. Students will know in advance of upcoming events, thus providing us with ideas from the whole student body. It also helps in preparing the agenda for the meetings in that they know what is to be discussed giving them more time in planning rather than discussing as to whether we should have an event or not.




Student Council Job Descriptions


It is very important to clearly define the positions which constitute your student executive. Before any student runs for a position they should clearly understand the basic commitments of the job. To facilitate this, job descriptions should be posted in a public location prior to and during the nomination procedure.

Below are some of the positions you may want to include in any student executive. It is by no means an exhaustive list but at least a good start.

It also helps to have any student running for a position meet with the student that presently holds that position so they may discuss the whole job. This is a very helpful step and even allows all candidates to understand the job prior to any election promises they may make that may not be within their jurisdiction.



a) Shall be official representatives of the Student Body, voicing any concerns raised by the students.

b) Shall preside on an alternate basis (if possible) over all meetings of the Students' Council.

c) Shall convene and preside over the Directorate.

d) Shall be members ex-officio of all council departments.

e) Should one Co-President become temporarily incapacitated, the other shall assume all responsibilities until such time as the other is capable of returning to office.

f) Shall deal with all matters concerning revision, interpretation and enforcement of the Constitution.

g) Shall see that the Constitution of any organizations sponsored by the council shall be in agreement with the Constitution of the Students' Council.

h) Business of the council shall be conducted according to the Students' Council Rules of Procedure established by this committee. Where such rules of Procedure do not apply, Robert's Rule of Order shall be followed.

i) Shall initiate new activities deemed beneficial to the Student Body.

j) Shall represent the Student Body to the administration.

k) Shall take the initiative in aiding in the tasks of all other directorate members



a) Shall prepare and present minutes to Council 3 days in advance of the next regular meeting.

b) Shall record the minutes of all Directorate meetings.

c) Shall prepare, send and be responsible for all correspondence related to Student Council activities and present the necessary correspondence to the Council.

d) Shall be responsible for keeping all attendance records of Council meetings.

e) Shall prepare and present an annual financial budget.

f) Shall make all disbursements by cheque.

g) Shall maintain an up-to-date copy of the Student's Council Constitution in a type-written form.

h) Shall take the initiative in aiding other members of the Directorate in their tasks.


Special Events

a) Shall organize and run the special social events of the school including Trojolympics, all dances, all Theme Days, Turkeyfest, Airbands, May Days and special assemblies.

b) Shall be responsible for a Special Events Committee to help out in the presentation of events to the Student Body.

c) Shall organize student security for dances.

d) Shall take the initiative in aiding other members of the Directorate in their tasks.


Public Relations

a) Shall be responsible for the Poster Club.

b) Shall be responsible for providing the means by which all the School's activities become well publicized.

c) Shall be responsible for appointing the morning announcement reporters.

d) Shall be responsible for writing a weekly article for the Bulletin Board section of the K-W Record.

e) Shall be responsible for thanking those people who have significantly aided student run activities.

f) Shall be responsible for recognizing the Trojan of the Week.

g) Shall take the initiative in aiding other members of the Directorate in their tasks.


Points and Awards

a) Shall be responsible for the maintenance of the files concerning the activities of the individuals of the student body.

b) Shall be responsible for the tallying of activity and sports points to distinguish the recipients of individual awards.

c) Shall aid in the presentation of awards at the Honours Assembly.

d) Shall take the initiative in aiding other members of the Directorate in their tasks.



a) Shall be responsible for the Activity Card campaign coinciding with the purchase and sale of school photographs.

b) Shall be responsible for the sale of School Graduate and Under-graduate rings.

c) Shall be responsible for the sale of tickets for all school stage productions, dances, and activities.

d) Shall be responsible for the Dirty Dozen.

e) Shall be responsible for the Management Committee.

f) Shall be responsible for the Sales Committee.

g) Shall be responsible for the Sale of Spiritwear and the Fashion Show.

h) Shall be responsible for the eligibility list for all school run activities including sports.

i) Shall be responsible for the sale of PUC passes.

j) Shall be responsible for all business aspects of the Student's Council.

k) Shall take the initiative in aiding other members of the Directorate in their tasks.


Student Athletic Association Representatives

a) The Co-Presidents of the S.A.A. shall be voting members of the Council and Directorate.

b) Nominations for S.A.A. shall be open to the school. The representative shall be one girl and one boy.

c) The S.A.A. reps. shall be responsible for the organization and arrangements of all sports' assemblies with the help of the Spirit Chairman.

e) Shall be responsible for the organization of Trojan Tuesdays.

f) Shall be responsible for all S.A.A. fundraisers.

g) Shall take the initiative in aiding other members of the Directorate in their tasks.



a) Shall act as a liaison between the directorate and the junior students.

b) Shall establish a committee of junior students who will meet frequently to discuss and evaluate student's activities.

c) Shall run Carnation Day, Candy Cane Sales, and balloon-a-grams.

d) Shall prepare coat check tickets for every dance.

e) Shall assume office before the middle of September. (Tenn of office is September to September.)

f) Shall take the initiative in aiding other members of the Directorate with their responsibilities.



a) Shall be responsible for the spirit of the student body.

b) Shall share responsibility for the organization of sports assemblies with the Co-Presidents of the S.A.A.

c) Shall be responsible for the advertisement and promotion of major sporting events.

d) Shall organize and run any event that will promote the spirit of the school.

e) Shall take the initiative in aiding other members of the Directorate with their responsibilities.



Murray Baker
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Duties of Returning Officers


Set Up Polling Booth

  1. Post sign
  2. ballot box
  3. table - 2 chairs
  4. 1 desk
  5. pencils
  6. scrutineers list
  7. take down signs, return equipment right after voting completed


Returning Officer

  1. Initial ballot and give to each voter.
  2. Receive ballot from voter and place in ballot box.
  3. Count ballots after polling station closes.
  4. Enter results on polling station summary.
  5. Return ballot results to Chief Returning Office in Activity Office.



  1. Mark off each voter as he comes to vote. Use a long straight line through each name.
  2. Help returning officer to count ballots.


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